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Thomas G Limited Services

We currently offer 3 main managed buying services. To help companies and entrepreneurs acquire and manufacture products in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


We are sourcing all kinds of consumer goods, oem parts and raw materials. Throughout South-East Asia. We serve as buying agents and assist in buying and sourcing products and goods.

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Setting up and managing production lines in China, Taiwan, ... We can perform single order manufacturing or setup production lines with yearly capacity. Including quality inspections and assurance.

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Create working prototypes, to test your design drawings and specifications. We can create real products from your ideas, drawings and sketches. With the help of the latest production techniques and methods.

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Industries Served

Lights & Lighting

Production and assembly of lighting fixtures and LED lighting engines.

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Mechanical Parts

Metal and plastics fabrication of hardware. Buy standard sized parts or let us develop them with your own specs.

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Consumer Electronics

We manufacture the latest trends in consumer electronics.

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From sourcing woven and knitted fabrics to sewing garments. We offer end to end solutions for designers & brands.

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Shoes & Accessories

Manufacturing all kinds of footwear and sneakers. Including basketball shoes, running shoes, skateboarding shoes.

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Electrical Components

Electrical components, pcb boards, wiring and assembly of electrical devices.

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Sourcing machinery and production equipment. From small machines to support production processes. To large production line setups.

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Raw Materials

Buying minerals and raw materials by container load. From plaster powders to aluminum and steel bars.

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Packaging Materials

Production of packaging and printed materials. Including cartons and boxes, manuals and leaflets, cards, and other types of packing materials.

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Thomas G Limited Services

Since our customers requests are specific and have a different nature. There are a lot of possibilities. Too many to list here on this website. If you have a specific request about a product or service. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Managed buying agents. We'll blow your mind.

We operate as buying agents to perform different tasks ranging from sourcing, manufacturing and prototyping all kinds of consumer products. With 8+ years experience dealing with Chinese suppliers.
And manufacturing and sending goods worldwide to our clients.

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Setting up production lines. See for yourself.

If you are looking for new alternatives to your current suppliers or want to set up a completely new production line in China. We are here to assist you in your next step. We assist our customers in every step of the process. From initial quotations to final shipments. Giving our clients more time to focus on their core business.

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Quality inspections. On location.

We perform quality inspections throughout the whole process. And can manage your buying requests from start to finish. Including arranging quality inspection according to our clients requirements throughout China

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Use our services and create a Request For Quotation (RFQ). All you have to do is register an account, and fill out a simple rfq form. Or send us your request by email.

Upload or attach drawings and submit your request.

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Receive Quote

After receiving your request, we will study your materials and get back to you with a quotation.

The time it takes to quote can vary from 1-2 hours for prototypes. To several days, depending how complex your products are.

Confirm order

After receiving our quotation, you can accept or reject our offer. Upon accepting the offer a purchase order will be created, and production begins.

Payment can be settled in EUR, USD, HKD through bank wire transfer.

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Thomas G Limited Services

You can have your own buying agent, without the need to setup your own offices and hire staff in Asia. We assist our overseas clients with purchasing and manufacturing in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Contact us for more details.

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