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If you have designed some products and you want to test your designs. We can assist you in developping prototypes of your designed products. We use all kinds of production techniques to create prototypes and samples.

We have access to the latest technologies in rapid prototyping including 3d printing, machining, vacuum casting and plastic injection molding. After fabricating the parts we can also finish them with painting and coating, plating and anodizing. This way we can give you visually acurate product presentations. That can be used to test your design drawings against reality. After receiving your drawings in the correct formats. We will generally quote price within a few hours, depending on complexity.

We can provide prototyping services for different kind of materials including ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, PA, PET, PP and PE. Plus we also offer prototype service for all kinds of metals: Aluminum, steel, titanium, copper and magnesium

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