Lights & Lighting

Led Lighting

Sourcing, assembling and manufacturing all kinds of lighting fixtures and components. We have experience in sourcing and manufacturing all kinds of lighting fixtures. We can manufacture parts and components and assemble them into complete lighting sets, with packaging materials, wiring. Contact us for more details

Led bulb

Led Bulbs

Led lighting bulbs in different sizes.

track lighting

Track Lighting

Track lighting and rail mounted lighting systems.



Ceiling recessed lighting.

grid light

Grid lighting

Grid lighting & multibox downlight.

pendant luminaires

Pendant Lighting

Ceiling pendant lighting

Profile Lights

Profile Lights

Profile lighting and linear lighting fixtures..

Card image cap

Surface Mounted Lighting

Ceiling and surface mounted lighting.

polo shirts

Plaster lighting

Plaster lighting and architectural lighting.

High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting

Industrial and high bay lighting.

Led strip lighting

Led strip

Led strip and bar lighting.

flood lighting

Flood Lighting

Flood light and outdoor lighting.

Street Light

Street Lights

Street lighting and area lighting.

Lighting Components

Showcasing a selection of lighting components. We can manufacture all kinds of lighting accessories.

lighting wires

Wires & Cables

All kinds of wires and connections.

3pole porcelain terminal


Porcelain and plastic terminal blocks and connectors.

lighting reflector


Aluminum reflectors for lighting.



Lenses for led ligthing.

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